The Rock School incorporates textbooks from various publishers in its day-to-day teaching curriculum. 

Curriculum and textbooks are published by:


       A Beka Book Publications

     Bob Jones University Press

     Sing, Spell, Read and Write

     Saxon Math

All of our textbooks are written from a Christian perspective.  These textbooks are based on sound scholarship, common sense and the Word of God.  They are used and supported by  thousands of private Christian schools worldwide.  This curriculum and its correlated materials teach that math, grammar and spelling are all governed activities, and that history and science are both presented from a Godly perspective .


All of our courses are designed for the student who is at grade level.  We attempt to provide the student with the knowledge and skills appropriate for each grade and to challenge the gifted to pursue their studies at a greater depth.


Core curriculum includes; Mathematics  Science, English, History and Bible – remains the constant from year-to-year.  However, due to many factors, electives  may vary from one year to year.


All Bible-based curriculum is based strictly on Bible text.  Denominational doctrine, of any form, is not taught.

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Physical Address: 3401 Harrison Road Montgomery, AL 36109  

Phone: 334-260-0984 | 334-260-8808

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